A tale of two cabooses

Lots of HO scale models on the workbench–right now I’m working on three Sylvan wood cabooses. Back in the summer, I finished a couple of other HO scale vans (Norwest), then worked on an S scale van kit. Night and day! It was kinda painful to realize how much easier the modeling was in S scale. I’m still wrestling with the two scales. Heck, some days I even ponder getting an O scale kit. Trying to decide what is more important–building models or building a layout? These days, the models are winning out. That means S scale wins over HO scale, but what do you do with all the brass engines and wonderful, accurate pieces of equipment, not to mention the full cupboards of unbuilt kits and the layout under construction?

I’ve got a buddy who lives in Barrie. He has been an HO scale modeler for years, and in the past 12 months has gotten into O scale. This fellow has happily spent the past year scratchbuilding small structures–crossing shanties, tool sheds and the like–in O scale, and having more fun than ever. We’re starting a regular routine of getting together for one evening per week, going back and forth from each other’s home, working on models together. I’ve learned a lot from observing his transformation, scaling down of ambitions, and just enjoying building models. No big aspirations for a layout, no frustrations of fitting everything in, not trying to keep up to anyone else.

Washago layout

Here is what I have been up to lately. The second photo shows my early efforts in the attempt to recreate the scene at Washago in HO scale, as shown in the prototype photo from 1962 by Ken Davis, reproduced in Steam at Allandale.