What genre are Ian’s railway books?
Ian’s series of railway titles are narrative non-fiction. They are unique in the field.

What makes Ian’s railway books so special?
Unlike virtually every other title on railway/railroad history, Ian’s books put the reader right into the action. That means you are reading the book as if it were a novel. A frequent comment from readers is, “I feel as if I’ve been there now!”

What’s so special about Friday, June 25, 1954?
Ian needed to choose a specific day if he was to portray the experience for the reader in moment-to-moment detail. He chose Friday, June 25, 1954 for several reasons. The year 1954 was the last in Ontario before diesel locomotives made specific inroads. It was also the last year before the vast majority of branchline operations were scaled back. As for the month of June, early summer is Ian’s favourite time of year.

Why did Ian make the transition from narrative non-fiction to fiction?
He wanted a change! Ian wanted the chance to explore characters, in addition to the narrative and description that fills his non-fiction titles.

Will you ever reprint any of the railway titles?
In terms of a big print run, no. Costs are too prohibitive these days. Print-on-demand is available, should customers field enough requests.

Will the railway titles ever be released as eBooks?
Absolutely! When Ian finishes The King’s Puzzle, he will turn his attention to putting the railway series in eBook format.

What age range are Ian’s fiction books aimed at?
The Secret of the Old Swing Bridge is suitable for a general audience (in terms of content). It is aimed at readers in the 8 to 12 range, but many older children and adults have enjoyed it. The subject matter of The King’s Puzzle will be more suited to age 14 and up.

When will The King’s Puzzle be released?
Ian is finishing up the final rewrite, which will be done by the end of March. At that time, he’ll decide whether to market the book to an agent/publisher, or self-publisher. If the latter, the book will be released much sooner (by April or May 2014). If the former, probably sometime in 2015.